Hey Kids, Comics! #107 - Comiconomy


Regardless of the political system utilized by a culture, in the modern world economics is still the deciding factor at work in all things.  Money, after all, makes the world go ‘round.  But how do the principles of economy work in  a world full of super-powered beings, ultra high technology, and extraterrestrial life?  It can’t simply be business as usual with the odd caped wonder soaring over the Stock Exchange, can it?  And on a more individual level, what are the economics of becoming a crime fighter?  Can you beat up the bad guys and thwart evil-doers while still paying the rent and putting food on the table?   

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston crunch the numbers in this issue that takes an accounting of the power of the All-Mighty Buck in the realm of the super-hero.  Cash in on this great episode that you will certainly keep you entertained all the way to the bank.  That is if you happen to be listening to the show while driving to your bank.  Regardless, you don’t have to be a CPA to enjoy this week’s HKC!

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