The Rantcor Pit #22 - Responsible Parties

Who's in charge here?

When it comes to major motion pictures, it is the director of course.  And when it comes to the Star Wars Saga, the responsibilities of both the director and the writer certainly influence the final films. 

George Lucas, Irvin Kirshner, and Richard Marquand direct their respective sagas.
Join hosts Cole "JediCole Houston and Eddie Medina as they explore those responsible for the Star Wars films to date and touch on those yet to come.  From George Lucas' often disjointed vision that, with the help of many others over the years, became the mythology of our time to the unusual choices of those who were given the helm.  These films are full of ups and downs that are all the product of those who wrote the stories and screenplays and those who shepherded them through the creative process that brought them to the silver screen.

JJ Abrams takes up the torch as the Saga continues.