Hey Kids, Comics! #109 - Share My Dredd

In Charles Dicken's classic Oliver Twist, Mr. Bumble contends, "The law is a ass - a idiot!"  Certainly Bumble would not have been so bold had the law in question be the self-proclaimed embodiment thereof known as Judge Dredd!

Welcome to a special edition of Hey Kids, Comics! that explores the uncanny success of British export Judge Dredd.  Hailing from the pages of 2000 A.D. magazine, the "top cop" of the Cursed Earth has made a mark for himself with more than just the heel of his enormous boot!

Judge Dredd has been a tremendous success on two shores, from comics to movies and beyond.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have more than a passing knowledge of the character and his storied history,  but for this show they had to call in the "big guns"!  This week your hosts are joined by Hunter Duesing of Midnight Movie Cowboys who brings his experience to the fore.

From comics to film and beyond, the unwavering face of law and order has become the face of "Judge, Jury, and Executioner".

An actual promotional comic shop sign from the 90s.