Hey Kids, Comics! #116 - She Who Purrs at Midnight

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are back again with more comic book fun and action after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!  Hot on the heels (or chicken feet?) of last week's issue they move from bird to cat as they explore the mysterious allure of feline femme fatales!

From the obvious like Catwoman to the more obscure, like Marvel's ill-fated Night-Cat, there is something about taking on the mantle of one of natures most feared or revered animals that is ideal for hero and villain alike.  

Why does the persona of the cat become most associated with female characters?  What is the allure?  What does a feline name or power invoke in foe and ally?  Find out what your hosts think as they bat these and other questions back and forth for an hour!

Marvel's Puma
And not to worry, the "cat guys" get showcased as well!  All of this and a tribute to a special friend of the JCU!

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