Hey Kids, Comics! #117 - The End of the World

Game over man!  Game over!

There are times when the end is nigh and times when the end is nigh impossible to deny.  In comics, raging against the dying of the light tends to bring a new and unexpected dawn.  After all, is this not the realm of death as more a vacation than a final destination?

Well, enough waxing poetic.  This week's triumphant return of Hey Kids, Comics! finds your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston at the end of the world.  Or the end of the universe, reality, This or that dimension, or all of creation.  The alarming regularity with which everything is destined to be destroyed for all time in comics is somewhat overwhelming!

Join your hosts as they explore the nature of world-ending scenarios and their impact on the greater universes they threaten.  Are the effects felt for all time or simply shrugged off like a bad day at the office?  Well that varies from Armageddon to Armageddon, but that is a story you will have to listen to the show to discover for yourself.  

And you had better hurry because you never know when tomorrow is never going to come again!