BS with SB Volume 2: 14 F'n Months Later!

Explicit Language Warning!
Be warned, the following program explicitly uses foul language.

Over a year after its premiere, Cole Houston finally gets off his arse and manages a second episode of BS with SB.

For those unfamiliar, this show was originally conceived by Cole and his friend and fellow podcaster from Melbourne, Stuart Baulk of Midnight Movie Cowboys.  While the shows of the JCU are generally fairly organic and natural in structure, they are also generally thematic in nature.   As seasoned podcasters, Cole and Stu wanted to share a bit of the kinds of discussions that happen behind the scenes, two friends talking about everything and nothing much at all, and without any self-filtering.  

Australia Day 2015 worked out to be the ideal time to get this show back up and running, so that decidedly Aussie holiday kicks things off and after that it just becomes a lot of personal reminisces of past podcast endeavors, Australian footballer Jacko, and anything else that might come up along the way.

Again, be warned, the participants are not holding back on the language front!  While American and Australian English differs vastly in many respects, the cuss words are pretty universal.  This is podcasters in their natural habitat, uncensored and unchained!

Most of America's entire exposure to Australian culture.