Hey Kids, Comics! #121 - It's Raining Supermen, Hallelujah!

While not visitors from another planet, your HKC! hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have a lot to say about the most famous comic book character to be thus described in the latest issue.   About him and the dozens of others that have ridden his capetails ever since he burst on the scene.

Superman was a phenomenon to be certain.  The epic scale of his impact on comics can be measured by the pretenders to the throne that leaped tall buildings in his path.  From such notables as Captain Marvel (the one best known for his lightning conjuring, alter-ego changing utterance) to parodies like Caped Wonder from "The Tick", it seems that there is always a "Superman" around, even if generally not at DC Comics!

Andy and Cole take a long non-telescopic vision look at the unintended "children of superman" that have become staples in super-hero comics over more than half a century!  From tributes to lampoons to unabashed rip-offs, many are the Supermen to be found.

"Caped Wonder" Clark Oppenheimer confronts The Tick!