Hey Kids, Comics! #118 - My Favorite Comics Year (Until 2015)

Greetings and happy New Year from the Hey Kids, Comics floor of the JCU!  

As the ball had dropped and another year has crept up on us like some kind of tow haired, top-hat and sash wearing baby with disproportionately colossal ears ears, we determined to take one last stab at the last 365 days in comic books.  

NOT Hey Kids, Comics!'s Andrew Farmer

Join your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, along with special guest Jeremi Eldridge, as they tackle the good and the bad of 2014 while looking forward to all that 2015 promises to bring to bear.  Nothing is off limits this time, as Milo Manara, comic conventions, set-in-their-ways creators, and more get their turns in the hot seat.  

Was 2014 a better year for for gender equality than those gone by?  Is 2015 the year of Star Wars or simpley that of the Star Wars variant cover?  Is DC/Warner ever gong get it together when it comes to their cinematic universe?  WHAT THE HELL IS KATHY BATES' ACCENT IN AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW!?!?

All this, and so much more, in this issue of Hey Kids, Comics