Hey Kids, Comics #123 - The Super-Human Condition: Peak Performance

Hey Kids, Comics! proudly welcomes you to the newest five-issue story arc, The Super-Human Condition.  This series will explore the psychology of being at the top of the heap.  From the pinnacle of human achievement to the rarified atmosphere of the deities of Antiquity, how do the minds of the heroes and villains of comics work?  And how does their place among us influence their psyche?  
These are just a couple of the questions raised as Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take on the role of Doc Sampson minus the avocado green coiffure.   In this first installment those normal people who have toned their bodies and honed their minds to the fullness of human potential are the focus.  How do Batman, Hawkeye, and other such highly trained, skilled, and outfitted heroes manage to hold their own amidst colleagues who  have powers and abilities beyond anything that physical or mental conditioning could ever hope to achieve?  What drives a man with brains and brawn, assisted by the odd weapon or bit of technology, to launch headlong into battle against every foe from the common burglar to extra-dimensional entities with the power of the gods of antiquity?

While we may never know the answers to these and other questions with certainty,  your very average human hosts will pose and ponder a myriad of such queries during this issue and the four that follow in this thought provoking arc!