Hey Kids, Comics! #124 - The Super-Human Condition: Man Plus

Welcome to the second installment of the latest story arc for Hey Kids, Comics!  Exploring the dynamics and psychology of super-heroes, your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston now set their sights on the heroes and villains who’s abilities are primarily the product of enhancements to their otherwise normal to above average humanity.  

Does the suit make the man?  When it is a cybernetic suit of armor bristling with high-tech hardware and weaponry donned with the express purpose of doing battle with the forces of evil it does.   That and the alcoholism and self-aggrandizing attitude (if you’re Tony Stark).  What happens when an ordinary individual becomes extraordinary by virtue of a weapon, technology, or even mystic powers?  Why do some find these objects of power while others are found by them?  What is the connection of this arc to Canada’s premiere super-hero team?  These and other questions are posed within this latest issue!

Get an inside look at brandishing theme specific weaponry, mastering the mystic arts, being inside protective shells, or obtaining legendary Nordic hardware store finds as this episode delves into punching up what is already there to the extreme. Get the skinny on Bane, the lowdown on the Scorpion, and even the fate of Dr. Fate!  Plus, answer for yourself the question of what was Digger Harkness’ greatest failure in the process!