Hey Kids, Comics! #127 - The Super-Human Experience: The Gods Themselves

From humans with the "power of the gods" to the actual gods of comic books in the conclusion to The Super-Human Experience.

Analyzing the psychology of non-humans (and even non-residents of this realm of existence) is a tricky thing for hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston.  Yet they are up to the Herculean task at hand as they explore how Titans (not teen ones) clash and the gods mete out their own brand of justice on the world.

Discover what it must mean to be a god among men and gods, why some choose to become protectors and others just meddle or ignore the world that they once ruled, and what happens when pantheons collide.  See how the various Classical mythos vary from publisher to publisher?  And find out the favorite incarnations of your hosts as they appear in comics.