The Rantcor Pit #32 - Star Wars Fandom at Random #1

Cole Houston and Eddie Medina, your favorite Star Wars guys are back from their All-Con break and happy to bring you the first of a new recurring series, "Star Wars Fandom at Random"!

Bobby Blakey joins in on a conversation that focuses on personal Star Wars fandom experiences, especially of celebrity encounters as it turned out.  Many a Star Wars fan has had their brush with greatness or has a story to tell when it comes to meeting some of the stars of the Saga.  This is a topic too large to limit to just one episode, so expect to hear a log more down the line!

In the mean time, Bobby, Eddie, and Cole had plenty to talk about from personal encounters with many a Star Wars notable from the likes of Carrie Fisher to former Fan Liaison Steve Sansweet.  The variety of tales is as unique as the celebrities involved and made for one of the more fascinating shows in the series to date.