Hey Kids, Comics #130 - Creator Spotlight #4: Alan Moore

Welcome to the return of the the Creator Spotlight on Hey Kid,s Comics!  It has been far too long!  But to make amends your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have set their sight on one of the big guns!

Alan Moore!

What began as just another Creator Spotlight will spawn so much more (pun intended), but for now the tip of the iceberg that is this talented writer/creator's body of work is mapped out.  From early work for Warrior Magazine to some rare titles from obscure imprints, there was plenty to talk about.

Naturally Watchmen is discussed, but there was oh so much more!  Far more than could adequately be explored in one show in fact, but this is just the beginning of that promised longer journey ahead.  So if you were a fan of Time Twisters or Lost Girls, Promethia or Supreme, Top Ten or Swamp Thing then you need to hear what Hey Kids, Comics! has to say about the mysterious Alan Moore!