Hey Kids, Comics! #131 - House of Obscurity

A creaking door gives way to a shove from intrepid explorer Andrew Farmer.  Brushing aside a blanket of cobwebs laden with the dust of neglect he takes his favorite lantern in hand and infiltrates a mysterious repository of the forgotten.  Close behind Cole "JediCole" Houston follows with a blazing torch lighting his way as the pair begin to explore this oubilette of comics.  They have dared to brave, on behalf of their faithful listeners, the House of Obscurity!

On a less melodramatic note, this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! delves deeply into obscure, forgotten, and unknown in comic books.  Many are the titles no one recalls but perhaps should.  The purpose of this issue is to educate about some favorites that were stumbled upon over the years and can probably still be had to this day.

From Badger to The Fish Police, The Golem's Mighty Swing to Poison Elves, Secret Doors to Omaha the Cat Dancer, there have been many a comic that have come and gone over the years.  Some made a splash in their day then faded from the public eye while others arrived quietly on the scene and went away just as quietly.  Coming across such titles in the Bargain Bins at conventions or comic shops can be a true joy for collectors.  Such is the substance of this issue of the show.  Even the long-gone comic book magazines and newspapers of days gone by are discussed!