What Became of JCU Sunday Funnies?

As you may have seen, I've fallen a bit behind on things for the JCU in the last few days.  So naturally it might not have seemed alarming that there was not a new You Are Here yesterday morning.

The reality in this case is that the series is going on a hiatus to allow Bobby Blakey a break from this project and time to catch up on his other pursuits.  While the series is not officially ending, we are not yet certain when it will return.  After two years of turning my concepts into amazing cartoons I think it is high time that Bobby took a little time away.

I have recently stumbled on an old file that contained the original concept notes, sketches, and a few completed and nearly completed cartoons for the original, unrealized You Are Here cartoon.  I have long said that the series began 20 years ago, however unearthing the file I discovered that it is actually 25 years old!  At the insistence of Eddie Medina (of The Rantcor Pit and Figments) I am going to publish a few of these cartoons here during the hiatus period in their original black and white format - mainly because I lack the technical skill to reproduce them in color.  But then had the series gone forward in 1990 they would have been published in black and white regardless!

The first two years of You Are Here cartoons have been published in two volumes of the collected works.  Look for Bobby or myself at conventions in Texas to get your copies!