Hey Kids, Comics! #134 - More on Moore: Ego Ipse Custodes Custodio

Having cemented a reputation as a ground-breaking author of graphic fiction, Alan Moore’s star begins to shine “across the pond”.  Coming to America, Moore makes quite the splash with his take on the super-hero genre at precisely the moment that the comic medium was about to take a major turn.  Taking the wheel, this powerhouse creator brought forth the single most influential work of the first century of comics.

"Swamp Thing" goes dark under Moore.
But there was so much more than just Watchmen going on in print and in the fertile imagination of this creator.  Prior to his seminal work, a revival of the macabre title Swamp Thing redefined the character for all time and helped create what would become a new imprint for DC Comics.  With a penchant for the mysteries of the arcane, Alan Moore helped chart the mystical realms within the DC Universe through the masterful use of both existing, if retooled, characters as well as new creations, one of which would become his best known.  This even if many don’t realize that he was the creator of the man known as the “Hellblazer”!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston continue their exploration of the career and legend of Alan Moore, this time with Catherine “Mrs. JediCole” Houston joining the discussion.