Hey Kids, Comics! #135 - More on Moore: I am Legend

Alan Moore casts a long shadow on the comic world.  It is little wonder that he has become more than a legendary figure within the genre.  Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston will brave that legend as they seek to separate the facts and the fiction surrounding the creator of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tom Strong, V for Vendetta, and more!

With such a task at hand, critic and comic book scholar Matt "Starman" Morrison was the ideal choice as companion on the road ahead.  Untangling the legend of Alan Moore is a task akin to straightening the myriad tangles of his beard.  And yet these three have set themselves to this Herculean task for the benefit of Hey Kids, Comics! listeners.  

Prepare yourself for a journey into the mind and myth of one of the single most influential and creative talents of our time (in comics anyway).  This middle chapter of More on Moore will prove to be a fascinating and unusual exploration indeed!