Hey Kids, Comics! #136 - More on Moore: A Vast Wasteland

Newton N. Minow’s 1961 description of American commercial television certainly seems applicable to Alan Moore’s appraisal of Hollywood and the adaptation of his work to the big screen.  Moore’s work that has been thusly translated into another medium has reportedly done nothing but disappoint the temperamental author, most notably Zach Snyder’s Watchmen.  Moore went so far in this case as to have his name removed from the credits of the feature film!  And so it is natural that a chapter of the latest Hey Kids, Comics! story arc be devoted to the saga of “Alan Moore vs. Hollywood”!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined this week by Hunter Duesing of Midnight Movie Cowboys in a lively discussion of the successes and failures encountered when Moore’s work has been adapted to film.  From critical and fan opinions to the disdain that the famed comic creator has for other’s vision of his vision, many are the tales of Moore on film. 

Big screen renditions abound as your hosts and their guest discuss From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Watchmen, and V for Vendetta.  You can expect that in some cases the opinions expressed may well be in keeping with those of Alan Moore himself, though there are aspects of these films that proved praise-worthy as well.  As with any transition from one medium to another, changes are required, both good and bad, and these will be explored in depth as the fate of Moore’s work when taken elsewhere is scrutinized by three film fanatics!