Hey Kids, Comics! #138 - I'm Waiting to Be Impressed: The 2015 SDCC Exclusives Rant

Has it been a year since Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston had their last rant about San Diego Comic Con and the exclusivity of collectibles?  Yes, yes it has!

It is time again to talk up the myriad exclusives that many a license holder are bringing to bear at SDCC.  As a catharsis of being unable to attend comics' biggest show, your hosts vent their rage about exclusive collectibles, the magnitude of the convention, and a little something about Marvel Comics.  

This year's spate of goodies has some gems, but mostly seems to be stones - something that begs question after question in its own right.  None the less there was plenty to talk about in this annual traditional issue of the show.

This just in!  The day after this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! was recorded, Hasbro announced their Marvel Comics exclusive (in the Marvel Legends scale), something seemingly lacking in this years corral of exclusives.  We present the Doctor Strange boxed set with the astral form of Strange, the Norse death goddess Hela, Brother Voodoo, Magik, and Dormommu!  Plus it is designed to mimic a magical tome and features a wearable Eye of Agamotto!