Hey Kids, Comics! #141 - Secret Agent Man

Welcome to a unique edition of Hey Kids, Comics! that explores the clandestine world of top secret organizations in comics.

Your clandestine hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston  discuss various secret agencies and secret agents as portrayed in comics over the decades.  Why are such organizations and those they employ such a vital part of the narrative?  Why are anagrams so vital?  Which are the best and worst such clandestine groups?

These and other questions will be answered as spy stuff becomes the order of the day and the agencies that protect, and those that do harm, are brought to the fore.  In the high stakes game of intrigue only the strong survive, and comics bring us some of the strongest and most compelling characters since James Bond.  Within this secretive realm there are many characters and groups to uncover, but which will make their way into this issue of Hey Kids, Comics! that was only recently obtained through the Freedom of Podcasting Act.  Who can say?