Hey Kids, Comics! #142 - Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?: Handheld

Welcome to a new story arc for Hey Kids, Comics!, a bit late on the scheduling but big on the fun! 

In "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?", hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore the technology as well as the mystical gadgets, weapons, and miscellaneous accouterments that are common in comics.  From the iconic to the obscure, from do-dads to full scale weapons of war, there was certainly enough material to fill five issues of the show!

This time your hosts get "hands on" and talk about the gizmos and weaponry employed by various comic book characters.  There are the obvious high-tech marvels like Spider-Man's web shooters, but then there are some less high profile shields, guns, swords, and purpose-built inventions that also stand out.  With such a portable arsenal in mind, Cole and Andy grab on to this topic with both hands!