The Rantcor Pit #38 - You Seek Yoda!

It's Rantcor Pit time again!  JediCole and Eddie are back with a look at that most famous of the Jedi, none other than Master Yoda!

When a puppet becomes a principle character then something has gone very right on the big screen.  This was the case with The Empire Strikes Back and the pivotal Jedi-in-exile who would bring out all of Luke Skywalker's potential.  But this character had to be memorable and larger than life, even if he was smaller than many dogs!  How to achieve such a thing decades before the mastery of CGI pushed the envelope of practical effect to a point that has never been exceeded.

What could have been a monkey in a costume and mask was instead a fully realized member of the cast.  Yoda is one of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars franchise and we owe it all to George Lucas having faith in the work of Stuart Freeborn and the mastery of the art of puppetry brought to bear by Frank Oz.  

So join Cole Houston and Eddie Medina as they discuss Yoda the puppet, Yoda the character, and Yoda the legend.