Hey Kids, Comics! #156 - Toylandia: Toys 'R' Super

Guess what JediCole forgot to publish on Friday?

Comic books and toys.  The two seem to be an inevitable pairing.  Rendering popular comic book characters in the form of three dimensional playthings has been a partnership over nearly all of the history of both mediums.  With this in mind, Hey Kids, Comics! proudly invites you to visit our newly established capital of this marriage of pop-culture collectibles, Toylandia!

Your guides through this fanciful realm are none other than Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston.  As this latest story arc begins, they explore the presence, history, and influence of Superman on toys and action figures.  As easily the first super-hero to be thus immortalized, the Last Son of Krypton’s impact can be felt across most of the chapters of this arc.  
From early tin toys to the modern high-end, cloth costume, multiple points of articulation action figures, Superman’s trademark “S”, in all of its stylized incarnations, has been a major part of many a toy line from many a manufacturer.  So take an hour to enjoy an exploration of the Man of Steel made man of plastic.  Or tin.  Or wood.