Hey Kids, Comics! #157 - Toylandia: I Go Mego

Welcome to Toylandia!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston cordially invite you to join them as they explore another aspect of comic book-themed toys as the latest story arc continues.

As the title implies, this week your hosts delve into the history of Mego and the unprecedented Official World's Greatest Super-Heroes line.  Batman vs. Captain America was a reality easily within reach of kids when this line hit the stores.  Even Conan the Barbarian could join the fun!

Beginning in 1972, Mego brought a wide variety of heroes and villains to toy stores that were derived from popular Marvel and DC Comics titles.  For nearly ten years this line joined the company's Star Trek and Planet of the Apes lines (among others) as an alternative to the more expensive G.I. Joe Action Team figures of the day.  Alas the arrival of the 3.75" scale figure, pioneered by Kenner, would bring the series to its end.

Discover how Mego went from Action Jackson to one of the most successful toy lines in history.  What influence did one retail chain have on both the production of their toys and the industry in general?  What happens when Mego fans and collectors gather to celebrate their passion for these plastic and cloth toys?  What secret from Mego's past likely put the final nail in the coffin of the company?  These and other questions will be answered.

With such a storied history and an amazing line up of super-hero toys, it is little wonder that Mego rated its own issue of this arc.