Hey Kids, Comics! #158 - Toylandia: JLA/Avengers and Company

I would like to apologize to our listeners for this episode running five days late.  The holidays have already begun to exert themselves and all things JCU are moving at a slower than normal pace as a result.  With that said, I am proud to bring you the middle issue of the latest story arc of Hey Kids, Comics! - JediCole

Toylandia awaits!  Yes, your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston again return to the toy aisles of yesteryear with even more discussions on comic book related toys.

This time it is all about the favorite toys from over the years that were based on the comics of DC and Marvel.  From the long-running Marvel Legends to the amazing Kenner Super Powers lines to the more obscure and often laughable toys that have seen the light of day, there was plenty to cover and not nearly enough time.

What action figures are the most innovative?  Which captured the characters the best?  Which had ridiculous gimmicks that thankfully went by the way side?  These and other unasked questions will be answered in the latest issue of this toybox of a story arc!