Hey Kids, Comics! #163 - Super Secret Santas

Christmas morning has arrived and with it a special gift from the JediCole Universe and Hey Kids, Comics!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston wish everyone a merry Christmas with the ultimate holiday episode.  Special guest Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston not only joins the fun but sets the stage for an exploration of what exactly do you get super-heroes and villains as Christmas presents?

Superman, Daredevil, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man Swamp Thing, and myriad other heroes and villains have their ideal gift choices examined.  If you think your family is hard to shop for at the holidays is tough, imagine trying to come up with an ideal present for the Joker!  Should you be called upon to be the secret Santa for an Avenger or JLA member, you will thank HKC! for this special Christmas issue!

Remember, pets do not usually make good Christmas gifts.