Hey Kids, Comics! #164 - I'm Cryin', I'm Dyin'

Happy New Year Hey Kids, Comics! style!

Ring in 2016 right with the first issue of the new year and your first exploration of upcoming super-hero movies!  

Starting in one month with Deadpool and concluding in November with Doctor Strange, a new Golden Age of Comic Book Movies is upon us!

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined in this movie-centric episode by Hunter Deusing of Midnight Movie Cowboys.  Together they talk about the big super-hero films coming up in 2016.  In that regard they explore what aspects of these movies will have them cryin' (tears of joy) or dyin' (a little inside).  

Great or terrible there are going to be a huge slate of new comic book movies in our future.  Find out some unique thoughts about what is coming soon to a theater near you!