Hey Kids, Comics! #174 - To All-Con and Back Again

Well, it had to happen eventually!  Cole Houston returns to his co-hosting gig on "Hey Kids, Comics!"

"It Came From the Dollar Store" as part of  The JediCole Universe Live at All-Con 2016.
Back from All-Con (and the recovery period that followed), Cole joins host Andrew Farmer for a discussion about the favorite convention of The JediCole Universe.  This issue is running quite late due to a bout with the inevitable con-crud, something Cole thought he managed to avoid at the time of the recording.

JediCole and VegaBomber host "Screen Time" at All-Con\.
All-Con 2016 was a banner year for Cole with the biggest turn out for the game show track in its long history.  A new hotel (and all of its ups and downs), tons attending fans, new features and lots of fun were the order of the weekend.

Bobby Blakey in the Large Props Room.

If you were unable to attend All-Con, let this be your glimpse at the fun from the experience of an insider.

JediCole moderates a delightful panel with Paul "Greedo" Blake.
Half-Ass Productions brought it to All-Con yet again this year!