Hey Kids, Comics #176 - A Baton to the Face II (or: "We'd Rather be Watching Daredevil II"

This issue of Hey Kids, Comics! was originally slated to appear on this site on Friday, April 8, 2016.  The JCU is slowly catching up, so this Friday's show should arrive on time.

Out of the darkness on a steamy night in Hell’s Kitchen, the multiplying forces of justice seek to end the forces of darkness and evil that threaten the very safety and security of a city!

Such is a poor appraisal of the thrill of having Daredevil on Netflix yet again!  The second season arrived like a crimson avenger swooping in out of nowhere in the nick of time.  Okay, not quite the nick of time.  For those of us who watched the first season back when it was released, the wait for its return was a long one.  Even as amazing as Jessica Jones proved to be, it was not enough to sate the hunger that grew in all of us, especially with the word that both Elektra and the Punisher would be in the mix!

Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston express their boundless enthusiasm for the return of ol’ Horn Head to the little screen in this special issue of the show.  There is no curbing the enthusiasm of these Daredevil fans as they share thoughts and observations about the Netflix series that could easily be called “Red is the New Black…and Blue”!