Hey Kids, Comics! #177 - Comic Book Capers: I'll See You in Court!

This issue of the show ran late in publication here.  It should have gone up on the site on Friday, April 15, 2016.

It's story arc time again!  

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take their case to court.  More accurately they talk about court cases in the opening arguments of a five issue story arc that is all about real world civil and criminal cases.  

Don't let the flavor art fool you, this time it is all about real people, real cases, real comics.  A huge part of the genre of the comic book is the publication and production of the finished product and also the distribution, sales, and ultimately collecting of comics.  But sometimes there are legal disputes along the way that become, in their own right, a part of the ongoing story.

In this issue such weighty issues as ownership of comic characters and the artwork thereof, legality of adult-oriented material, and copyright infringement are the order of the day.  Your hosts delve deep into various cases as they launch a series on comic book crimes and misdemeanors.