JCU Sunday Funnies #105

And the Funnies Just Keep On Coming!  Again.

Three years ago today I had an idea pop into my head that led to Bobby Blakey translating a joke into a one panel cartoon.  Though neither of us would have imagined that day, this would lead to a two-year collaboration that became "You Are Here", featured on this site at "JCU Sunday Funnies" for an uninterrupted 104 weeks!

Bobby took a hiatus (much needed) but was recently inspired to return to the series, surprising me with having picked up some of the concepts for the third year's cartoons.  While we are still at least a week shy of the third anniversary of the cartoon's debut here, I simply could not wait to relaunch as the birthday of the first cartoon fell on a Sunday this year.  So now, as announced on "The Rantcor Pit Live" earlier today, I give you the return of JCU Sunday Funnies!