Hey Kids, Comics! #179 - Comic Book Capers: The Copyists

Andy and Cole are Back!

And they brought the "Lost Arc" with them!  Yes, it is true, the latest story arc, "Comic Book Capers" has been on a lengthy hiatus and now returns with the middle chapter.  Thank you for sticking with us as we muddled through getting everything back in gear as well as dealing with some technical issues that are slowly being resolved.  (No more degraded links to the shows, in other words!)
Counterfeit Darwyn Cooke "original art" sold recently on eBay.
Join the fun as your hosts pick up the tale of real life comic book crime discussing the theft of artists' work in a uniquely modern fashion.  This issue is all about the various would-be artists who take a huge creative shortcut in achieving a dream for which they lack the talent and the patience.
Thomas Branch's Cassandra Kane redesign and target of a design theif.
Dallas-based comic artist and print illustrator Thomas Branch joins the show with a story of his own art being pilfered for the gain of another and brings ample insight into the phenomenon.  Other artists' work being copied, either by self aggrandizing wannabes online or by those who simply download images they can alter enough to pretend the work is their own is the topic at hand and proved a meaty one indeed.

An example of Texas artist Chris "Oz" Fulton's  art co-opted by a non-artist.