Hey Kids, Comics!/Whadjathink? Crossover - Captain America: Civil War

Technical difficulties leading to the loss of half of the latest issue of Hey Kids, Comics! have forced a postponement of the story arc (again).  In the mean time we are proud to present the second summer crossover movie review event of 2016!

Do you like the Captain America?

Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined for the second time this "Summer Blockbuster Season" by Mrs. JediCole for a crossover discussion on just that topic.  Or at least that topic as it pertains to the latest Marvel movie, Captain America:  Civil War!

The long-awaited return of the Winter Soldier is the catalyst for the action in this contender for the top spot in box office receipts.  With a huge cast, a massive budget, and a whole lot of action, it has to be something spectacular.  Right?

Find out if your podcast hosts felt that way as they discuss and explore the plot and the action.  Did this latest installment of the franchise find favor?  Did it falter ore was it most satisfying?  There is one good way to find out, you know...