Hey Kids, Comics! #185 - You Don't Mess With the Batmans!

The Dark Knight.  The Caped Crusader.  The Bat.  Gotham's champion is known by many names.  He is also known for his tenacity in all things, most especially his war on crime!

Despite the presence of its grim protector, many a villain has chosen to make a career out of challenging Batman's mettle or his mental capacity - sometimes both.  In the end the Dark Knight is universally triumphant, but it comes at tremendous cost to his psyche.  Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston take on the difficult task of understanding Batman and his relentless desire to put down every criminal in Gotham.  

While always successful at putting down his foes, Batman's rogues gallery continues to emerge again.  And Batman pushes back with every resource at his command.  Learn all about both sides of this Bat-equation and answer for yourself the question of just how batty is "the Batman"?

And now, the inspiration for this issue...