The Rantcor Pit #52 - Later, Vader

Are you ready for some more "simple tricks and nonsense"?  The Force of July concludes with one more episode for the month!  This time it is all about the Dark Lord of the Sith!

Darth Vader (a.k.a. "Old Annie") is topic of discussion as Cole Houston and Eddie Medina are joined by returning guest David Bunds.  Much exploration of Vader as the central antagonist in the original trilogy is put forth without the benefit of respirators.

What makes Darth Vader such an iconic villain?  What aspects of the character had to be retrofit as the story evolved after "A New Hope" paved the way to an ongoing saga?  What is up with the melty helmet in "The Force Awakens"?  These and other questions are explored as man is separated from machine.

As promised, the "Bad Lip Reading" video...