The Rantcor Pit Live #49 - Beep-Boop and the All-Con Cavaliers

This overdue posting of the live show continues!  This show originally streamed live on Sunday, March 20, 2016.  Look for more episodes coming soon as the JCU finally catches up with its alter ego over at Watch On Air Live!

JediCole has vanished!

Actually he was just busily running talk shows, game shows, and panels at All-Con 2016 the Sunday that this episode went out live from On Air Live!  So Eddie Medina brought in a special guest host, Tim Kennedy of VaderCast!  It was Tim who facilitated Cole's entree into podcasting so it was only fitting that he return to the show.  

Joining them in the studio were LubbockCon director DeNae Griffith, along with her capable convention insider Chris Cortez.  Eddie and his guests talk about All-Con, LubbockCon, and more!