The JCU Wants to Hear From You!

On behalf of everyone who contributes to The JediCole Universe I would like to say that we all endeavor to bring you a wide variety of entertaining and informative podcasts, feature articles, and cartoons.  We all really enjoy what we do here and would love to hear from our listeners and readers.  Any feedback, requests, complaints, or praise are welcome.  

Many of the podcasts produced for this site have guest voices joining the fun and some require a guest to even produce a new show.  If you have enjoyed these shows in the past and thought you might like to be a guest we would love to hear from you!

Please direct all email to:

Include JCU, JediCole Universe, or the title of the article or podcast you are writing about in the subject line so I will know that it is a listener or reader email. 

Thank you,
Cole "JediCole" Houston