Hey Kids, Comics! #82 - Once More Unto the All-Con, My Friends!

All-Con is Just 7 Days Away!
And this episode of Hey Kids, Comics! is acting as the latest Countdown to All-Con 2014, too!

What a month it has been!  Andrew has moved several states from Ohio to Arizona.  Cole has been buried in preparations for All-Con.  Both will be converging on Addison, TX for that very convention in a week.  And for the last detour before things return to more comic book related themes again, we bring you the annual preview of All Things All-Con!

"A Gathering of Heroes" is this year's theme and that could not be more appropriate.  Andrew will be back on his seeming every-other-year rotation at the show and you can find Cole and Catherine, The Rantcor Pit's Eddie Medina, and Whadjathink and You Are Here's Bobby Blakey, too!

JediCole hosts the first "Don't Lose Your Geek Card" way back in 2010!
Learn all about what make's All-Con a personal favorite convention here at the JCU and discover why you should be there next weekend.  With more to see and do in four days than can be seen and done in four days it is a must!  Really! 

Want to know more?  Of course you do!  And here's the place to do just that!