By Way of Introduction...

Welcome to the JediCole Universe, a.k.a.

The purpose of this site is several fold.  The primary being that I felt that it was time I had a place of my own in the online world.  A place where everything I am involved with can be found under a single banner.  As you will discover in the coming weeks and months (and hopefully, years), there is a lot I am involved with and it really all needed a common home.  With this website that home finally exists. 

As time goes on there will be some changes here and there to the layout of the site but for the most part this page will be the springboard from which you can explore all of the various aspects of my life that I wish to share with the world.  First and foremost is The United States of Geekdom, the podcast I have been a part of from its first episode to the present day.  While my plan is to indroduce my own personal podcast on this site in the near future, I have no plans whatsoever to give up my spot on the USG.  So nothing to worry about there.  But you will soon be hearing a brand new show, JediCole's Open Mic Night.  But that is a little ways in the future yet.

What other aspects of the JediCole Universe can you expect to discover here?  Here is the short list:

  • The Convention Awareness Project Texas (CAP! TX)
  • Star Wars Justifications Revisited
  • The Dollar Store Project
  • Adventures of the Mighty Placeholder

And those are just the things I am willing to reveal at this early stage.  There is so much more I have in the works, but then I often say I have more irons than fire.

I would also like to take a moment to thank my good friend and USG co-host Andrew Farmer for helping me get this project off the ground from the standpoint of the look of the website and any near-future changes in the layout and presentation.  And a special thank you to Todd Carlton as well for getting the web address registered and linked in so that it can be found with ease.

Welcome to the JediCole Universe.  It doesn't look like much (yet) but it's got it where it counts!