Do It Yourself 8: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Seriously?!  Has it been over a YEAR since the last Do It Yourself appeared on the JCU?!

Yes, it's true!  After a one year hiatus those diligent movie critics turned improvement specialists Vegabomber and Joose have been called out of retirement!  What could possibly have compelled them to take up mics and share their thoughts on how a popular, money-making-machine film could be vastly better if anyone had bothered to consult them?

Simply put, "Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice.

Need we say more?  Perhaps not.  In fact it is best that you just sit back and take in a little cinematic wisdom as your hosts guide you through their thoughts on the actual movie and how it really could have been even more epic!  Or just plain epic at all.  

The JCU highly recommends this episode as a mental appetizer for the release of the longer director's cut of the movie which will soon enjoy a theatrical release.

Do It Yourself 7: Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Yes indeed, Vegabomber and Joose are back again with another edition of Do It Yourself, the movie show that fixes up some of our favorite movies!  This time your DIY team sets their sights on a real clunker, Star Wars Episode 1:  The Phantom Menace!

Almost universally Star Wars fans found fault after fault in the return to that galaxy far, far away.  From ponderous politics to characters more at home in a cartoon than an epic feature film franchise to a lackluster origin of a major cinematic villain, there are more things wrong than right with this film.  Especially if you ask the hosts of this show!

But this intrepid team again comes to your rescue with a the good, the bad, and the really bad on screen and what they would have done differently were they in the director's chair.  So if you have ever lamented Episode 1 (and frankly who has not to some degree), you should give this latest episode a listen.

Do It Yourself 6: Interstellar

Vegabomber and Joose are back at it again!  Never content to just enjoy a movie, these reviewers want you to know how they would have tackled their favorite films if THEY were in charge!

Join these armchair directors as they take an in-depth look at the Christopher Nolan epic Interstellar.  What was their take on this most cerebral of cinematic features? Where did it find favor and where did it find fault in their eyes?  Find out today when they take another great movie into their own hands...

Do It Yourself #6: The Dark Knight Rises

It's time again to Do It Yourself!  Well, if you are the show's hosts Vegabomber and Joose, that is!  

Yet again these avid fans of the cinema talk up what they love about one of their favorite films, but then they take a different turn.  While they love these movies, there is always room for improvement.  So how exactly would they have made this episodes target, The Dark Knight Rises, more personally satisfying?

You will just have to find out for yourself as the JCU's self-styled movie renovators have a go at the final chapter of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy".

Do It Yourself 5: The Wolverine

Do you ever come out of a movie and wonder just what went wrong?  Sometimes highly anticipated films just let us down.  What can be done about this?  

Well Vegabomber and Joose have come to our rescue with plans to refurbish and rebuild our favorite fixer-uppers.  Give the show a listen and find out what improvements these guys would implement to make "The Wolverine" a more watchable production.  While an improvement on its predecessor, Logan's latest solo outing still needs some work.  Find out why and what they do about it...

Do It Yourself Episode 4: Godzilla

It's time to fix up another movie with Do It Yourself!  

Like many fans, Vegabomber and Joose loved the American-made Godzilla film.  And like many fans, the cinematic epic left them wanting in so many ways as well.  But then if it was perfection in their eyes it would not be the subject of this show! 

Join them now as they make tremendous strides to work out a better way to present the tale of Godzilla as previously given over to audiences by Gareth Edwards.

Listen to this kaiju classic right here!

Do It Yourself Episode 3: Man of Steel

Vegabomber and Joose are back!  This time they set their sights on Zach Snyder's over the top take on Superman, Man of Steel.  

With a sequel already in production, how would your hosts have made a better go of the first film of the latest Superman franchise?  Where did this movie go wrong in their opinion and what could be done to fix it?  Enjoy what promises to be a super episode of this popular JCU podcast!  

Do It Yourself Episode 2: Amazing Spider-Man 2

The newest addition to the JCU is back with a "shocking" look at another fixer-upper of a movie!

How would Vegabomber and Joose have approached the second installment of the Spider-Man franchise?  Does it just need a little tweaking here and there or is it due for a complete overhaul?  Well, you will just have to listen to this episode true believer and find out for yourself!

How to make Spider-Man amazing.  

Do It Yourself Episode 1: Iron Man 3

Welcome to the latest addition to The JediCole Universe Podcasting Network!  I am proud to introduce Do It Yourself, the show that rethinks popular movies.

YouTube movie reviewer Vegabomber is joined by his co-host Joose as they pick apart 2013's Iron Man 3 and reveal how the choices they would have made over those that became the movie that was released to the delight of Marvel fans everywhere.  

An engaging conversation ensues as what went right and what went wrong in this super-hero epic is discussed and debated.  Every movie fan has an opinion on how their favorites could have been better.  Now you can check out the biweekly rantings of some hardcore fans as they talk up how they would have done it if they were in charge!