Horn Solo is Going to Celebration! (JediCole is Too!)

As of this moment I am far less than 24 hours away from heading to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration VI!  And Horn Solo is along for the ride!

Mrs. JediCole and I will be attending our very first Celebration (yes, I had to miss out on the first five) where we will be helping to sell the Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook's latest editions!  Look for us each evening at Booth  1224 (the best chance you will have to cross paths with me with certainty) or at many of the Collecting Panels.  You can even meet the book's author Geoffrey T. Carlton in person!  And one day you might even see me sporting Jedi robes borrowed from VaderCast's Tim Kennedy for the trip.

So if you happen to be attending Celebration this weekend please look for me and ask for one of my limited edition JediCole Universe trading cards (while supplies last) and check out the amazing Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook!  Preorder purchases are being taken for the latest edition (Book 7) which features only Star Wars toys!  The edition with everything else (Book 6) will be available for sale at the booth along with the brand new Star Wars Database for Android or the Star Wars Collector's Catalog for Windows.

Star Wars Super-Collector's Merchandise
Available at Booth 1224

Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook - Merchandise Edition - $34.95
(464 glossy pages with 12,400 COLOR photographs)
Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook  Toys Edition - $45.10
(449 glossy pages with 8,600 color photographs)
(Price includes Priority Mail postage to U.S. address.  Estimated ship date is August 31, 2012.)
Star Wars Database for Android - $25.00
(Over 79,000 entries and 54,000 images.  Works on any Android tablet or smart phones.  Wifi or cellular connection required for images.  Images via cellular utilize data plans.  Updated twice a month.  Includes lifetime updates.
Star Wars Collector's Catalog for Windows - $35.00
(Over 79,000 entries and 54,000 images using a graphical interface.  Updated twice a month.  Includes lifetime updates and a 1 year subscription for photos. 
Star Wars Collector's Catalog - Photo Subscription Addional 1 Year - $10.00
Extends online photo supbsricption to 2 years.  Online price: $24.00
Art/Poster Tubes - $4.70
Holds rolled art up to 24" in width.  Includes rigid plastic end caps.

NOTE: All above are subject to 6.5% Florida Sales Tax

But just who is Horn Solo?

Why the Build-a-Bear longhorn steer dressed as Han Solo which was originally to be the mascot for an effort to bring Celebration to Texas.  Alas the Orange County Convention Center could house any two Texas venues (everything is NOT bigger in Texas after all), so the project was scrapped.  But Horn Solo is now going on his first road trip and you may see him there with us.