Super Geek-Out #3: Christmas in January

Wow!  Is it Super Geek-Out time again already?  Yes, but mainly because we recorded a show that had a decidedly Christmas theme that we wanted to get out as close to the holidays as possible.  January 2012 turned out to be as close to the holidays as we could manage, so there it is.

In this episode we geek-out on some favorite things, goof off, and eventually manage to talk about our own ideal Christmas specials.  And believe me we had some great ideas! 

Content Warning: As with most of the podcasts on the JediCole Podcasting Network feed, this show has some "naughty words" and subject matter that might not fall on tender ears that favorably.  But I would far rather let the folks on this show have free reign (in most cases) than dilute the content by forcing everyone to "play nice".  So that said, enjoy the show!

A special and heart-felt thank you to Stuart Baulk of the Midnight Movie Cowboys who makes us all sound better than we did on the raw recording, takes the time to edit most of my shows, and adds some really great stuff to the mix in the process.  Cheers, mate!

Super Geek-Out #2 At last!

Hello everyone.

Contrary to appearances of late, the JediCole Universe is still very much alive and well.  And to help usher in the return to site content after an overly long hiatus I offer you the latest installment of the ongoing collaborative effort of the United States of Geekdom (of which I am a co-host) and the Midnight Movie Cowboys - Super Geek-Out! 

Due to a cease and desist order from a faceless Hollywood studio and its litigious minions, some careful wrangling of possibilites and justification of actions taken, and the timely intervention of a secret benefactor this particular installment had been long delayed.  And only just barely received a unanamous clearance from all parties to be aired at last.  Keep this in mind as you listen because that is the story we like best to explain why anything that may seem dated material is thus.

Including the Super Special, this is the third incarnation of SGO to go live, with another already in the works.  On this episode Rick, Andrew, Catherine, Stu, and myself explore our own reimagined incarnations of a famous super-hero group, wax geeky, get into a "fight", and otherwise just have a lot of fun in a free-form discussion in which almost anything can happen.

The Super Geek-Out Super Special #1

Hey kids!  It's time for a Super Geek-Out!  Yes at last the collaboration between The United States of Geekdom and The Midnight Movie Cowboys will see the light of day!  Or at least be heard. 

While the first episode of this new podcast has yet to be posted it will follow hot on the heels of this one I am sure.  This "Super Special" is far too topical to await the arrival of its chronological predicessor.  Think of this as the Giant Size X-Men #1 that launches the X-Men #94 that is Super Geek-Out.  You need a special edition to get things rolling before you get into the regular material.  Mrs. JediCole, Stu, and I are joined by our special guest Nick Poblocki this outing.  What sets Super Geek-Out apart is that we do use a little more "adult language" than on the USG podcasts, though not overly much, and while it is a joint effort between two shows, the mix of cast members will be ever-changing depending on who is available to "geek out" when we record.

I have taken a minimalist approach to illustrating this particular post as I do not want to give away too much of the content.  It would detract from the thoughtful nature of the discussion that you will hear on this premiere episode.  So now that I have made this sound like listening to a recorded geology class lecture I assure you that this Super Special is a whole lot of fun.  And to kind of clue you in on the topic...