The JediCole Universe Live (All-Con 2015) - In the Company of Heroes

Althria Goebel, Donna Swafford, some guy, and Camden Toy at All-Con 2015!
Welcome to a very special podcast for the JCU!  On Saturday, March 14, 2015 The JediCole Universe Live was produced at All-Con 2015 in Addison, TX.  Much to my surprise plans were changed when my originally scheduled guest, Althria Goebel approached me before the show to ask if it was okay to bring along some other folks who were involved in the production of Now Hiring, the super-hero romantic comedy that followers of this site know quite well by now!

Althira was a producer on the film who I was thrilled to have on my little show, yet she had caught Production Manager/Line Producer Donna Swafford and star Camden Toy (Lord Menace) at the elevator and brought them along for the ride.   And what a ride it was!  All three, along with Misha Bostic who did not take the stage, brought so many tales from the set and location to the show.  Now Hiring will be available soon on DVD as well as on one of the cable stations, so this should whet your appetite for this wonderfully fun movie!

The second half of the show was given over to various humorous gags that have become a trademark of my All-Con talk shows like "It Came From the Dollar Store!", which are far too visual in nature to be well presented in an audio format.  As a result, this podcast will treat you to some behind the scenes tales of the making of Now Hiring!

Average Joe vs. Lord Menace!

And be sure to check out the awesome trailer for this awesome movie!  Rest assured I will be spreading the word on how to get your copy of Now Hiring right here as soon as the information is available!

Hey gang!  I just found out that there is even a Now Hiring store!  Follow this link for above average goodies featuring Average Joe and his fellow crime fighters!

Finally, in addition to the promised Lord Menace Gatorade endorsement above, I am posting a photo album of my own personal photos from my three weekends in the company of heroes.  Some of my original photos were lost when my computer crashed late last year, but as I am able to recover more and more from outside files I will be adding to the mix that follows.  Enjoy!

Me watching the proceedings with my fake shotgun at the ready.  Some of San Antonio's finest are not at all bothered, there are stranger things going on down the block!

Mark directs the action on the streets of San Antonio.  That's me being "mean" behind the car!
Night Watchman says, "Crime doesn't take an ice cream break!"
The Mighty Placeholder has arrived for his interview!
The heroes do battle with Lord Menace...a week before he arrives on location!  Movies is magic!
M.A.X. gets the better of Night Watchman!
Luckily there was a break in filming!  And M.A.X. just loves city buses for...reasons.
An unwelcome morning rain.  I suspect Lord Menace was behind this!
"Whatever you do, JediCole, DO NOT break your gun!"
Preparing to film Lord Menace's portal device.  This was such a cool set piece!
The "bad guy" was not such a bad guy, really.  But then I was one of his henchmen.
My boys!  For reasons I cannot fathom, the rest of the gang determined I was their leader!  Was it the gloves?  The ill-fitting mask?  We may never know.  But we do enjoy our work and me and the Angel Gang did win the J.D. Power and Associates Award for Best Henchmen three years running!  Thanks for everything, guys!  Oh, and thanks to Lord Menace!
A break meant a photo-op for some young fans who saw the filming in progress!
And then there's that selfie I took during production!  #DoublingasaThugLife