WHERE'S THE SHOW?! Technical Difficulties With Most JCU Shows

JediCole here with a bit of sad news that is thankfully temporary in nature.  

If you have tried to open the files of most of the JCU shows this week it seems that none were linking to Podbean for some reason.  Luckily Vegabomber of Do It Yourself brought this to my attention and I am working to restore every episode of Hey Kids, Comics!, The Rantcor Pit, Whadjathink?, Do It Yourself, and all other titles effected.

This may take about a week all told as I don't know how widespread the problem became or how far back I will have to delve.  Some shows were linking just fine, some were linking but not on a separate page, but most simply were nowhere to be found.

JediCole is on the job and will soon have your favorite shows up and running!  The latest (December through January) have all been restored as of this post.

An Open Letter from JediCole

Hello to all who have been following this website as well as to all who are just discovering it for the first time.  In the last few months I have neglected jedicole.com, much to my combined chagrin and shame.  This site is very important to me on a personal level and it bothers me greatly that I have been away from it for far too long. 

The purpose of this letter is not to lament the past so much as present the future.  I am back in the saddle as it were and ready to keep this site fresh and lively once again with new podcasts, new features, and new incarnations of recurring favorites.  In addition to the latest episode of Super Geek-Out (which arrived in January) and the upcoming posting of the latest Half-Ass Roundtable just this week,  there are more new and recurring features on the way. 

Look for the return of What Would Comic Book Villains Do? and Odd eBay along with a new feature, It Came From the Dollar Store!  2012 will see the long-awaited return of both Who Do You Love? and JediCole’s Open Mic Night.  Also joining the JediCole Podcasting Network’s lineup will be Andrew Farmer’s Hey Kids, Comics! and my new magazine show, Fandom at Random.   Be on the lookout for these and other new shows as I move forward to make The JediCole Universe an even better website than it has been thus far.

And this is where you come in!  I am in need for guests for Half-Ass Roundtable, guest suggestions for Open Mic Night, feature stories for Fandom at Random, and more.  Watch this site for more details or just write to me at jedicole@yahoo.com for more details.  I want YOU to be a part of the show!

Thank you,
Cole “JediCole” Houston
Arlington, TX