ReNerding Episode 0: Origin Story! Friendship! Unnamed Local Used Bookstore?

All heroes have epic origins, and your fearless podcast hosts are no different. In this episode, Matt and Chris briefly share our stories: Matt bitten by a radioactive spider, Chris retconned into existence circa 1985, both of them the overlords of Latvia at differing times. Learn how our friendship grew whilst employees of Unnamed Local Used Bookstore! Learn how Chris once nerded, then stopped, then nerded anew! Learn how Matt has devoted his life to the ways of nerding! Learn how the two friends decided to embark upon this nerdtastic voyage! Listen to Chris talk about Lady Death’s boobs!

More importantly, this episode lays out what ReNerding is all about; it also lets you know the format of each episode:

1. Matt assigns Chris an assignment to help him ReNerd.

2. Matt and Chris do each assignment

3. We come together to discuss what they dug, what turned them off, interesting info.

4. We decide if they will continue to ReNerd over the particular assignment (Will they continue the series?! Will they rewatch that movie?!)

Next week’s assignment: Follow Matt and Chris as they watch for the first time (Chris) or rewatch (Matt) Hellraiser and Nightbreed as part of the ReNerding spooooooktacular Halloween horror funness! If you have Netflix, they are both there (at least at the time of this recording/blog post.) Thanks for listening!


A couple more things:

1. Sorry about the audio quality! We were/are learning the ways of audio recording, and this episode is a result of that. Not all our episodes sound this way, so bear with us as we are learning. If you like what we are doing, consider donating to our Patreon so we can afford better microphones to be all melodious in your earholes.

2. ReNerding needs you! This whole process is an experiment in community, and while Matt and I are content to hang out and talk about all this stuff by ourselves, we’d eventually go apeshit and probably murder each other. You don’t want to be responsible for that, do you? DO YOU?! Join our Facebook page, our ReNerders Mailing List, follow us on Twitter! From there, shoot us your messages, thoughts, ideas, and ReNerding assignments. Be sure to use #renerding!

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4. We love you!