ReNerding Episode 1: Hellraiser! Nightbreed! Cenobuns?

ReNerding begins in earnest after the introductory episode.  Check out the nerdiness right here!

This is it, fellow ReNerders, the very first episode!  *Cue fanfare and fireworks*  You will be able to say that you were there from the beginning; or, if you’re reading this many years from now, way to go on scrolling allll the way back to the first episode!

In this episode, Matt and Chris both nerd and renerd over the Clive Barker classics Hellraiser and Nightbreed. Listen in as they discuss their differing views on Frank and Julia having sex on her wedding dress the day before she marries Frank’s brother, Hellraiser’s weird pacing, their offer to Cinnabun and Clive Barker to marry the two franchises into Cenobuns, Chris’s indecision regarding the rest of the Hellraiser series, Boone’s hero journey in Nightbreed, Chris and Matt playing the Newlywed Game and Chris failing to figure out Matt’s favorite Nightbreed, all this AND MORE!!!