Hey Kids, Comics! Halloween Special #1 - Chick or Treat

Enter.   If you dare!

Welcome to the first annual Hey Kids, Comics! Halloween Special!  

Just over a week before Halloween a giant of comic book publication passed away.  No, not some familiar name from the ranks of the Editorial Staff of Marvel or DC.  Not some wold-famous super-hero creator.  Not even some higher up at Archie Comics!

No, it was none other than reclusive religious comic book and tract publisher Jack Chick.  Upon the news of his demise, hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston realized that for far too many years an aspect of comics had gone unexplored on this show.  What began as a "next episode" quickly became the first annual Halloween Special.

Chick Publications may seem an odd choice of topic for a Halloween show on a comic book podcast, but these comics took the pseudo holiday's modern candy-industry-fueled playfulness as a common theme for cautionary tales of the seemingly infinite power of Satan!  Examining this and other themes of these ultra-religious, often tragic tales, your crack HKC! team is joined by Eddie Medina.

From the fire and brimstone themes to the admonition that Chick religious tracts make great companions to "fun size" sugary treats when it comes to saving the damned at Halloween, there was a lot of ground to cover in this special and unique episode that examines one of the most overlooked of comic book genre.