ReNerding Episode 3: Supergirl (TV)! Supergirl (Film)! Max Landis! Tube Meat!

In This Episode! Salutations, ReNerders! You are in for a super episode as Matt and Chris’s discussion is Supergirl intensive. Your two hosts-with-the-mosts spend a lot of time talking about how much they love the Supergirl TV show and how confused and angry they were at the Supergirl movie, a travesty and waste of precious time that they’ll never get back. And if THAT isn’t enough, they discuss the bonus assignment of Max Landis’s “The Death and Return of Superman.” They both agree that this short video is AMAZING; they disagree on Landis’s view on Superman’s death and return. But luckily, they remain friends! There’s also a lot of discussion on tube meat.

Stuff We Mention! (in relative order):

Hebrew National Hot Dogs; Mr. Robot; Rami Malek; Narcos; Legion of Superheroes; Martian Manhunter; Cyborg/Hank Henshaw; Twilight; Peter Fancinelli; Guilty Pleasures; Ink Master; Blue Bloods; Calista Flockhart; Cat Grant; Ally McBeal; Devil Wears Prada; Futurama; Red Tornado; Maxwell Lord; Livewire; Superman Animated Series; Batman Animated Series; Silver Banshee; Supergirl Season 2; Flash; Arrow; Glee; Kevin Smith; Die Hard; Bechdel Test; Runaway; John Landis; Blues Brothers; An American Werewolf in London; Superman: American Alien; “One Last Time” - Ariana Grande; Heroes Reborn; Knightfall; Clone Saga; SNL - Death of Superman; Daredevil; Dark Phoenix Saga; Steel; Pee Wee’s Big Adventure;.

Notes, Thanks, Apologies, Etc.!

Sorry for the short notice on our change with The Rantcor Pit! We will be on November 19th! We are so pumped to hang out with Jedi Cole and Eddie Medina and discuss the Star Wars! Next Week’s Assignment! We are going to be exploring the world of nerdcore music, focusing on the works of mc chris and Adam WarRock. Here is a list for each one of the rappers we will explore: MC CHRIS TRACK LIST * Fett's Vette * Nerd Cave * Geek * Jelly Inside * Part 1 * Part 2 * Tarantino * FTW * Ten Year Old * I Want Candy * Pizza Butt ADAM WARROCK TRACK LIST * B.S.F.X. * Retcon * Booster Gold * 616 * M.L.F. * City Beautiful * Sex Bob-Omb * Brannigan's Law * When the Winter Comes * Waka Flocka Swanson * Broken People

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