At a Library Not Far, Far Away

0Nov6 Lib 1.jpg

Earlier today, November 5, 2016, The Rantcor Pit appeared at the Southwest Branch of the Arlington (Texas) Public Library as guests of their Star Wars Extravaganza!

I wanted to personally thank the Library, and especially Morgan who reached out to us for this event, on behalf of the show and my co-host Eddie Medina.  We had an amazing time meeting fellow Star Wars fans and being a part of the costume contest.  Photos will be added to this post very soon.

In the mean time, if you are new to The Rantcor Pit and want to catch The Rantcor Pit Live on On Air Live (12 PM to 1 PM Central) on the first and third Sundays of every month, be sure to check us out by clicking here.  We will be talking about the Star Wars event today among many other aspects of Star Wars past, present, and future on our November 5 show, "The State of the Star Wars Address".