Growing Pains

The JCU is in the midst of some big changes!  

The new website is wonderful but also very new.  As in new to me.  Thus your "Unfrozen Caveman of Technology" is having to learn some new tricks in order to get the latest content on the site.  Andrew Farmer has done an amazing job getting us here, now I just need to figure it all out as we move forward.

The timing was ideal as I am working on a multiple-box Back Issue Bins section for Hey Kids, Comics! that will be available in the coming weeks.  The first 200 issues will be at your disposal with easy access and 50 issues (plus annuals or specials) per bin.  

The really big news is that The Rantcor Pit and Hey Kids, Comics! are both about to be available on the Cinelinx network!  More details will be coming soon on that front, so keep an eye on this site for more.

Thank you all for bearing with us through the transition.  New episodes of your favorite shows will be on the site very soon, including some returning shows and a brand new one too be announced very soon.  

- JediCole